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Knitted Fabric Company

Keleş Textile was founded in 1982 under the guidance of Ahmet Keleş in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul with the intention of supplying knitted fabric. Keleş Textile continues to expand its activities with 30 different types of fabric along with Bayram Keleş under the title ‘Keleş Tekstil Ltd. Şti.’ since 1996.

Along with its increased capacity, Keleş Textile also enhanced its product range in accordance with customer demands and because of providing its customers every opportunity without making any compromises about quality, Keleş Textile succeeded to be a wanted company by manufacturers since 1996.

Keleş Textile is a leading knitted cotton fabric company with its great range of products, total stock, fair prices and high quality service concept.

It is ensured that customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level with the principle of appropriate price and timely delivery by paying attention to quality and caring about customer needs from raw material selection to packaging stages.

All of our products have ISO 9001 and EKO TEKS certificates.

With its 25 years of experience, Keleş Textile always aimed to be up front in every industry.